We began Beach Weddings Alabama with one goal in mind: to provide the most perfect,  stress-free wedding experience possible for our couples.  We also wanted to do this without forcing them to take a second mortgage out on their home just to have the wedding of their dreams.

Weddings can be expensive. We realized that in order to provide the quality of services at the discounted prices that we wanted to offer, we would need to specialize. We decided to become the area’s only truly all-inclusive wedding provider. We took a chance, and it has been a wonderful experience for us as well as our couples ever since.

As an all-inclusive wedding provider in the gulf coast, one of the only non hotel or restaurant-based privately owned business, we have the ability to produce every facet of your wedding in-house. We offer our customers the wedding of their dreams at significant savings. Not only in price, but also in time.  With one consultation, either in person or via phone with one of our wedding professionals, your entire wedding can be planned. This can be done sometimes in as little as 15 minutes.

Our talented team of wedding coordinators, chefs, cake decorators, wedding photographers,  florists, DJ’s, pastry chefs, pastors, and support staff, bring a combined 100 plus years of industry experience to your special wedding day.

We are also the only wedding provider in the Alabama area that owns their own wedding venue. Our wedding venue is purpose-built, and fully decorated for weddings.  In fact it is used only for that purpose. We don’t do birthday parties, we don’t rent it out as meeting space, and it’s not used as a restaurant with wedding receptions performed on the side or, in addition to, a daily restaurant operation.

We are a wedding specialist; this is all we do. We do our job exceptionally well!

Get started today with one of our amazing beach wedding packages!