So you are planning your big day, and you want to do something truly special for you and your guests to remember. Looking at current wedding trends is a great way to get some new ideas, think outside the box, and settle on the perfect touches for your wedding. While some trends come and go quickly, we’ve picked some great ideas that are sure to make your wedding special, unique, and timeless. Read on to get creative jump on incorporating some great wedding trends into your special day.


As soon as your guests receive your invitations, your wedding vibe is established. No longer do you need to stick to strict rules of paper, font, and envelopes, rather you should let your creativity dictate your invites. Some notable invitation trends include plexiglass, glow-in-the dark, foil stamping, and lace. Use something that will stand out and that you will be glad to look at as a memento for years to come. Many couples send a save-the-date that is a fun photo or postcard, but just as many are opting to go online with their invites. The bottom line on invites: your guests will be thrilled to be invited and celebrate your special day with you!


Does fine china, a monogrammed towel, or a new mixer not get you too excited? Some of the hottest trends in wedding registry are thinking outside of the stores and getting experiences that you really love. Museum memberships, tickets to theater productions, dance lessons and more are topping couple’s wedding gift request lists and for good reason. Experiences can be much more valuable than things, and who really needs 10 sets of sheets? An art class, a wine tasting, or a brewery tour might be much more fun than those new towels, and you will really remember the friends that got you those experiences. Another great idea is a meal delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients that the new couple can cook together—this can be much appreciated after the wedding-related chaos dies down. Some couples feel that they have what they need and would rather pick a meaningful charity to have their guests donate to. Think about your interests and hobbies and choose gifts that you will really use and cherish. If crystal doesn’t top that list, don’t sweat it—formal rules of wedding gifts no longer apply!


A bride’s dress no longer has to be a stark white, and many are choosing to do a soft blush, gray, or even a bolder color. Bridesmaid’ dresses likewise, don’t need to be matching, and many wedding parties choose to have a coordinating palette rather than exact matching outfits. Some trends that are popping up in wedding dress design are high necklines, open backs, shorter lengths, and off the shoulder styles. The formal satin and lace gowns of past decades don’t need to be copied, and brides are expected to flaunt their own unique style and personality.


Pearls and diamonds still have their place, but jewelry is getting a lot more fun when it comes to bridal trends. One big trend is large, statement earrings that become an attention grabbing part of the bride’s ensemble. Even if you opt for a traditional white gown, bold, colorful statement earrings can really make a classic dress something modern and unique. Rose gold is also making quite a splash, and this jewelry adds a warm, romantic vibe to your wedding attire. Chokers have been gaining popularity, and can easily lend themselves to a beautiful wedding outfit. Jewelry should reflect your unique personality and can be fun, dramatic, and unconventional!


The trend in flowers is wild and natural! Uniform bouquets with only one kind of bloom are getting replaced with fresh, seasonal flowers that are varied and fresh from the garden. A liberal use of greenery is also on-trend, with some brides even foregoing the flowers for just a bouquet of greens. Succulents are being used in bouquets and boutonnieres, adding in a unique twist to the traditional wedding lineup of blooms. Dahlias are in high demand, and even carnations and mums are making a comeback. The theme with most bouquets is sprawling, wild and natural. Flower crowns are also a unique way to incorporate blooms into your wedding, and can become a focal point of your wedding day look. Choose flowers you love, colors you love, and craft a nontraditional bouquet or crown that beautifully complements your wedding.

Extended Fun

Weddings are becoming more than just a few hour affair. Extending the festivities over a weekend gives a chance for you to really spend time with all of your family and friends and not just try to see everyone at the actual reception. Planning an event each day surrounding your wedding can give some structure for your guests, even if not everyone attends every event. Weddings are a rare time to bring friends together, so why not extend the fun outside of the ceremony?


Wedding photography has come a long way. Posed, formal portraits have given way to capturing the whole day, or even the proposal as well. Taking shots of the little moments has become important and can really be something you treasure for years. Candid shots of guests give the bride and groom glimpses into parts of the wedding that they didn’t notice, and are fun for everyone to reminisce over. Documenting the proposal, the wedding setup, and even hair and makeup gives really meaning to these more casual moments. Also, letting your personality really shine through in photos is more important than having the perfect, posed smile!


Building on the unique photo trend, incorporating a wedding hashtag for your guests to use and share photos with is a great idea! Choose a unique hashtag that will give you just the pictures and videos you want from your special day, and could even include what is going on in your guests’ days surrounding the wedding. If you utilize a wedding hashtag, you will be delighted browsing social media in the days following your special day at all of the photos your guests have taken!

Unique Destinations

Weddings are breaking out of the traditional church venue and heading into the great outdoors. If you are a nature lover, having an outdoor wedding is a no-brainer, and can make your day truly special. This is where Beach Weddings Alabama comes in! Our gorgeous beach venue gives you an amazing backdrop for your ceremony, and will make for an event to remember. You can include a luncheon or a dinner, and we can take care of the entire event—we are Orange Beach’s premier, all-inclusive wedding destination! If you want to do something really different on your special day, choose a beach wedding!

So use these wedding trends to craft your perfect wedding! The main theme in weddings is to do what makes you and your guests happy, even if it’s not traditional! Having a beach wedding opens up so many great wedding possibilities, and the location sets the stage for a beautiful ceremony. Create a wild bouquet, choose a bold wedding dress, or register for that rock climbing class you and your spouse have wanted to take! Use our tips and your creativity to plan a beautiful, unique wedding!