1. I’m Engaged! Now What? Where To Begin

    Congratulations! Getting engaged is a thrilling time filled with anticipation, excitement, and dreaming about what your big day will be like. It can be overwhelming, with all the small details, to think about planning your wedding. That’s why the experts at Beach Weddings Alabama are here to break down the process for you. This blog series is going to take you through tw…Read More

  2. Top Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Really Care About

    Being engaged is a really exciting time. You’re filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation preparing for one of the best days of your life. There’s a lot to think about and a lot to prepare, but you might be surprised to know that there are some details of wedding planning that aren’t as crucial as you might think. Beach Weddings Alabama strives to help you …Read More

  3. Booking Your Wedding With Beach Weddings Alabama

    Why book your wedding with Beach Weddings Alabama? At Beach Weddings Alabama, we know that wedding planning can be a stressful process. How to coordinate the venue, the music, the food, what to wear, the flowers, and the cake will make anyone’s head spin! In a world of wedding venues that don’t include any other services, where do you find the right vendors to create t…Read More

  4. “I Didn’t Think Of That” In Wedding Planning

    You’re getting married! Congratulations! As you jump into planning your big day, do yourself a favor and try not to get so swept away in the excitement that you forget the small details that actually do matter in making your day run smoothly. At Beach Weddings Alabama, we know that “wedding brain” is more common than you’d think. We’ve compiled the most common fo…Read More

  5. Great Color Combos for Your Beach Wedding

    Planning your beach wedding for the new year? There will be so much to plan, but it's tough to get started on making any of those important decisions before you have your color palette. The color palette will help you shape your decisions on what dress to buy, which flowers to get, and which bridesmaid dresses your girls will be wearing. Picking the colors is step number o…Read More

  6. Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dress from Other Brides

    For many brides, dreams about their wedding feature the perfect wedding dress. Whether you are getting married in our Orange Beach wedding venue, a church, or in your mom's backyard, your wedding dress will play a huge part in your big day! Finding the right dress can feel like an endless quest, though. You'll be battling budgets and everyone else's opinions in order to fi…Read More

  7. Is Stress-Free Wedding Planning Really Possible?

    Getting engaged is sheer joy. You've met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and when they pop the question your heart is filled with happiness. Then comes the wedding planning. There are a lot of fun things about planning a wedding: wedding cake tasting, shopping for a dress, picking the song for your first dance, and planning your bachelorette party. …Read More

  8. Don’t Forget! Last Minute Wedding Tasks

    Your big day is fast approaching, and you have been working hard on your wedding plans. To be sure that your wedding day flows smoothly, you can never be too ready! Even if you feel prepared, there are many last minute details that are surprisingly forgotten. Read on for some last minute wedding tasks that sometimes fall by the wayside. Music Playlist In your mind, you hav…Read More

  9. A Fall Beach Wedding!

    If the terms “fall” and “beach wedding” have never seemed to go together, let us change your mind! The fall season is great for weddings, and perfect for a gorgeous beach wedding. Read on to let us convince you that the fall is the perfect time for your beach wedding! The Weather The fall is starting to get cold, right? Not if you are in Orange Beach! The fall seas…Read More

  10. Surprising Origins of Wedding Traditions!

    Chances are, if you are planning your wedding, you are incorporating some traditional practices and customs. Certain wedding items are taken for granted, such as the wedding dress, the ring, the vows, and the bouquet toss. But where did all of these traditions originate? We will explore common wedding traditions and their sometimes surprising roots, so read on! How can you…Read More