1. 7 Reasons to Choose a Beach Wedding!

    Are you looking for a great venue to hold your wedding? Do you love the idea of a unique, beautiful backdrop that will wow your guests? You need to consider a beach wedding! Beach Weddings Alabama is proud to offer wedding packages that can fit every need and budget, while giving you an event to remember. Read on to see if a beach wedding is right for you! The Setting The …Read More

  2. Wedding Trends!

    So you are planning your big day, and you want to do something truly special for you and your guests to remember. Looking at current wedding trends is a great way to get some new ideas, think outside the box, and settle on the perfect touches for your wedding. While some trends come and go quickly, we’ve picked some great ideas that are sure to make your wedding special,…Read More

  3. Write Great Vows!

    Vows are an extremely important part of any wedding ceremony, and are a chance for you and your future spouse to convey your deepest love for one another. Vows are often an element of your ceremony that guests really remember, and that you and your spouse will treasure. But with the busyness of wedding planning, vows oftentimes get left to the last minute and written in a …Read More

  4. Dress Ideas For a Beach Wedding

    Choosing to have a beach wedding is a great decision! Beach weddings are beautiful, unique, and add the perfect backdrop to your vows. If you are planning a beach wedding, you have the venue taken care of, but you still need to find the perfect dress. When you choose a dress for a beach wedding, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the style, so pick something th…Read More

  5. The Beauty of Orange Beach Alabama

    Alabama might not be the first place you think of when you envision beautiful white sand beaches in the United States, but if you haven’t visited Orange Beach you are missing out! Beach Weddings Alabama has an amazing venue location in Orange Beach for you to have a unique and truly special wedding. Read on to find out more about Orange Beach and why it makes the perfect…Read More

  6. Wedding Invitation Ideas

    If you have decided on a beach wedding (lucky you!), it is time to start thinking about your invitations. You will want to carry your beach theme into every area of your wedding planning to create a cohesive, unique, and memorable theme. Invitations set the tone of your wedding, and can get your guests excited about your beach theme. If you have always dreamed about having…Read More

  7. Surprise Your Guests With a Beach Wedding!

    If you have gotten started on your wedding planning, but the traditional venue ideas are not doing it for you, you should consider a beach wedding! This unique venue is great for making your wedding memorable to friends and family, and providing a beautiful backdrop to your ceremony. Beach Weddings Alabama in Orange Beach has all-inclusive, or ceremony-only packages that w…Read More